Watts Upfitting specializes in Vehicle Electrical and Accessory Up-fits for public safety, commercial work trucks, and personal vehicles! We service Southern Colorado with outstanding customer care, you can trust that you'll come first!

We are committed to always offering quality innovative products while igniting growth within our industry!

Products and Services

Emergency Vehicle Division


Offering quality services  and products for full vehicle emergency up-fits, partnering with todays leading vendors! 

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Utility and Commercial Division


Offering quality services and products for all of your utility and commercial vehicle needs! 

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Auto/Truck/SUV Accessories and Parts Division


We have an impressive lineup of vendors and offer everything you would need for your Off-Road, Auto, Truck or SUV needs!

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We are committed to offering you the best quality parts, competitive pricing and outstanding customer care! To further expand and continue to offer the best experience for our customers we have partnered with Leasing Specialists, LLC who has over a decade of experience in the field of Government Leasing and Financing.  

State offices and Agencies such as Public Schools, State Universities, Parks Departments, Fire Departments, Water Departments, Police Departments, as well as Counties, Cities, Towns, and Districts and their departments within them. 

Federal Government:
Entities such as Department of Homeland Security, Federal Prisons, FBI, Military bases, FEMA, and any Federal Government agency.  We can fund transactions which provide General Service Agency (GSA) 70 schedule contracts and open market acquisitions. 

Flexibility in Lease Terms:
Most departments do annual payments, but we have available monthly, quarterly and semi-annually.  We can also do payment deferrals on a case by case basis. 

No Prepayment fees:
If you choose to pay off your vehicle early, there will be no penalty for early buy-outs.  

Non-Appropriation Clause:
This specifies that the lease may be terminated in the event funds are not available in subsequent fiscal years.    

Ownership Plan:
A Municipal Leasing can be a 3, 4, or 5 year program.  After completing the payment schedule, you will own the equipment.  

You may use multiple vendors to furnish equipment under a single lease agreement.  

Low Interest Rates:
Municipal Agencies can obtain interest rates at a lower rate than commercial financing.  This puts money in your pocket.  

No Bonds Needed:
Skip the lengthy and expensive process of issuing bonds for needed equipment.  

No Balloon Payment or Residual Payment at completion. 

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